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SJ CDC Parent Invovlement

The San Joaquin Child Development Center has many opportunities for parent involvement.  These include but are not limited to Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meetings and monthly activities.


The San Joaquin Child Development Center has volunteer advisory committees made up of interested parents. These volunteer parent groups meet regularly to discuss ways to support the Child Development Center in providing quality care options. The PAC may also discuss issues of common concern involving children and youth that they may be experiencing at home. The PAC is also responsible for setting up monthly activities for parents to enjoy and spend that much needed quality time with their child.

PAC Information:

The PAC meets quarterly and the meeting is held at the Child Development Center.

Employees are authorized 30 minute periods to attend the monthly parent advisory meetings at the CDC. For more information please contact 209-839-5881 or

The purpose of the PAC:

1.   To assist the center in informing parents/guardians of the CDC programs and activities.

2.   To promote the celebration of holidays and cultural diversity.

3.   To facilitate communication and a positive relationship among parents/guardians, the teaching staff, and management regarding CDC programs and activities

PAC Membership:

The parent committee is open to all parents of children attending the San Joaquin Child Development Center. To join please call 209-839-5881 or



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