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cheap prada It is reported that Prada's 11 companies, only two of the manufactured goods, the rest have been outsourced production. At that time, Prada and 450 raw material suppliers and 480 manufacturing companies to cooperate, and hire 170 quality monitors. In Dongguan, Guangdong, China, there is a "Dongguan Prada Trade Co., Ltd.", it appeared in Prada's earnings is Prada direct Holdings subsidiary, which is responsible for supervision of Prada in the whole of Guangdong foundry operation. The huge number of OEM factory Distribution in Dongguan, Shenzhen and Zhongshan, Prada production handbags and shoes, but also for other brands foundry. prada handbags outlet

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prada bags outlet Although the generation of Chinese factories, extreme sales system for Prada was controversial in China, but it still does not interfere with the Prada to become a luxury brand, regardless of the success of fashion, or a commercial point of view. With the luxury market turns cold, Prada also changed. Before the release of the annual net profit fell 28%, Bertelli has already begun on all aspects of power for the dear dear. Shop Prada, enhance cooperation of team encouragement, request the staff not only to sales, but also to tell a story. But Prada is still the most radical style, the highest salary brand. prada wallets outlet

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prada online store China is an important production base, while the leather goods are the hardest hit by quality issues.. In fact, the biggest potential quality is not in China. Because the Chinese labor costs lower than Italy, the product is 100% manual inspection in China, while in Italy, only sampling. This resulted in the production of Prada products in China, the quality is better than in Italy Made. The annual rework due to quality problems of Prada handbags, produced in Italy is far higher than the proportion of Chinese. prada shoes for men

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